Dave Cantera

As a business broker and with over 25 years experience in all facets of business operations including retail/POS, cost accounting, manufacturing, inventory control, and services, I provide the highest level of ethical business brokerage services to facilitate the transfer of business ownership and commercial real estate through the professional matching of business sellers with qualified, motivated buyers.

As a realtor, I assist real estate investors to build wealth and achieve their financial goals targeting education on investing in real estate for the four needs for money in life.

  • short term income to pay daily living expenses,
  • medium short term income for large purchases like auto,
  • longer term expense like college education, vacation homes, daughter's wedding, and
  • retirement income.

As a SCORE consultant, I assist existing business owners and new startups with starting or expanding their business reach or consulting in Marketing, Sales, or Operations.
Email: daveC@tbbma.com
(856)813-7098 mobile/txt

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