Why Choose Us?

TANNENBAUM BUSINESS BROKERS (TBB) offers a trusted guide to help business owners achieve their objectives.  
Trust our EXPERTISE.
TBB principals have extensive M&A, business ownership, operation and management, legal, financial/accounting, financing, and consulting experience. We have structured and closed countless transactions in the lower mid-market, bringing the highest levels of precision, professionalism, proficiency, and personalized service to each and every opportunity. TBB provides capital advisory and placement services to business owners, entrepreneurs and companies seeking asset based loans. TBB is also a licensed broker for the sale of commercial real estate, ensuring a seamless transaction for owners who have real estate associated with their business.  
Trust our APPROACH.
TBB's commitment to its clients is our number one priority and it shows. We bill our clients based solely on success, with no retainer fees. We are highly selective in the engagements we accept, ensuring that every client is best positioned for success. And we deliver a team approach to every account, leveraging the experience and expertise of every TBB principal to ensure success.  
Trust our PARTNERS.
The TBB Affiliate Partner Network is designed to put our clients in direct contact with the best available professionals they need to complete every activity related to the sale of their business, covering all areas of operations, finance, and administration and targeted to fit the unique requirements of each transaction.   
TBB applies extensive safeguards to protect client confidentiality. We make sure that the identity of the business for sale is well-protected from competitors, employees, vendors, and customers until a Non-Disclosure is signed and a prospective acquirer has been properly qualified.  
Trust our BUYERS.
If you've come to TBB to find an acquisition, you'll find that our network of business and professional contacts is extensive. Our deep research capabilities and proven referral network also allow us to quickly connect buyers  including strategic acquirers, financial buyers, and private equity firms  with sellers.

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