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Tannenbaum Business Broker (TBB) offers a focused, step-by-step approach to making sure your next business move is a success. If you're ready to sell or even if you're not TBB will make sure that you're always positioned to get the best price and terms from a well-qualified buyer, and will ensure a seamless transaction from start to finish.                                                 
STEP ONE: Business Diagnostics Review
Step One is a complete business a complete review of the financial, operational, marketing and other aspects of your business performance to identify and guide the implementation of actions that impact cash flow and value. This includes:
  • A complete free, no-obligation consultation to identify key strategies and review financial, operational, marketing, and other aspects of business performance.
  • A deeper review to recast your business' financial statement, and identify a series of activities designed to improve marketability and value.
  • Assistance with implementation of those activities through the TBB Alliance Partner Network and other resources.
Find out more about Step One: Business Diagnostics Review. 
STEP TWO: Business Packaging
Step Two involves using the information created and actions completed in Step One to prepare and package your business for sale when ownership is ready. This includes:
Conducting an internal due diligence analysis, reviewing all possible aspects of concern to buyers.
Recommending value enhancing opportunities and initiatives.
Delivering an offering memorandum that highlights, organizes and documents the key features and attributes of the business. 
Find out more about Step Two: Business Packaging. 
STEP THREE: Marketing to Transaction Closing
TBB works with its clients to facilitate the completion of the sale process from start to finish. The final phase, Step Three, includes but is not limited to:
  • Marketing for qualified prospective buyers.
  • Negotiating deal terms and conditions.
  • Coordinating due diligence and closing.

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