Business Diagnostics

Obligation-Free Consultation. Every new client engagement kicks off with a free, no-obligation meeting to review your business exit strategy, including motivations, timetable, and more. TBB offers a complete review of the financial, operational, marketing and other aspects of your business performance to identify actions that impact cash flow and value.  
Financial Positioning. Once the initial diagnostic review is complete, TBB holds an off-site review to recast the financial statements for your business, and determine an approximate range of actions to improve salability and value.  This may include:
  • Identifying financial and structural objectives
  • Marketing actions to improve sales
  • Reducing expenses
  • Implementing organizational changes
  • Eliminating adverse dependencies
  • Identifying tax implications
  • Converting excess assets to cash 
This can be critical to the sale of your business because current year performance typically has greater significance to a potential acquirer than the entire historical performance of the business. 
Value Execution.
Identifying the steps needed to increase the value of your business is only the beginning; the next move is to implement them as quickly as possible. TBB helps its clients implement these critical action steps internally, and can also recommend support through the TBB Alliance Partner Network, featuring experts across a broad range of relevant disciplines. 
At this stage, TBB may also recommend that you obtain a third-party business valuation and appraisal of equipment (and real estate, if applicable).

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